Christmas 2017 marked the end of our 14th Holiday Gift Giving Season as owners of THE chocolate SHOP. When I am in the middle of the fast and the furious – I think that I might literally drown in chocolate. Which, maybe sounds like a good way to go… but, not when I have corporate orders on the board and my retail door is opening and closing and opening and closing and opening and closing non stop. Thank you for THAT, dear friends. Thank you.

It’s the middle of January. I’m relieved that we made it through the busy months of October and November and December without any major catastrophes happening. We didn’t run out of anything major (read: we still have Sicilian Sea Salt Caramels). Every year at this time, I end up pinching myself that I survived. I’m three months older and sporting a few more grey hairs, but I’m still all in one piece. AND – I smell deliciously of chocolate.

Three weeks have passed since Christmas and the crazy chocolate haze has lifted and I’m feeling chocolatey optimistic about getting through THE next chocolate holiday. There is work to be done: my chocolate cupboards are bare and VALENTINES week is going to be here… SOON!

I’m always a little relieved that the first couple weeks of January Retail are typically slow. While most of you are trying hard to keep your News Years Resolution of: “Eat Healthy”, I am spending this quiet time, figuring out what I need to make for the day you wake up and realize that you only live once… and that means: YOU need chocolate… STAT.

Don’t worry, Dear Sweet Resolution Making & Breaking Friends: We’ve been quietly working at THE chocolate SHOP the past two weeks making caramels and truffles and toffee and creams. This is, after all, my 14th Mid-January. I keep good notes. I know what is about to happen.

TODAY is the day that many of you wandered back. Eagerly you stood at THE counter as I weighed out a pound of YOUR toffee. Your eyes are a little glazed over. Very good – you exhibit a delicate balance of self control and eagerness. I tuck every piece of chocolate into YOUR box and close the lid under your watchful eye. “No need for a bow,” you tell me. THIS ONES FOR YOU? Two weeks is a long time to go without chocolate.   No worries – I’m here to help.   A half a pound of milk caramels, coming right up.