It’s the middle of March.   I’m tired of all the Red & Green of Christmas and the Red & Pink of Valentines Day.  I love this time of year because I switch all of the ribbons on my boxes to bright rainbow colors.  Purple – Blue – Green – Orange – Yellow – (and just a little) Red = it feels like a garden in the retail.  At THE chocolate SHOP, we have had a month to recover from the crazy of Valentines Day.  BUT – when you are in the business of making and selling chocolate, there is no rest for the weary.   As soon as the heart moulds are cleaned and put away, I start planning for Easter.

A month ago, behind the scenes, I’ve already started pouring the chocolate egg shells that will eventually be filled with a pound of “YOUR CHOICE” of chocolate creams, caramels, toffee and nut clusters and wrapped in colorful foil.   I make a limited amount of these beautiful hollow eggs.   Most of them are pre-ordered and have become a tradition for our customers to give to their grown children.   So = at THE chocolate SHOP the answer to “What comes first, the bunny or the egg?”  It’s the Eggs.


Next: We pour the Large and Small Milk chocolate and Dark chocolate and White chocolate Easter bunnies.   I keep good records from year to year so that I know how many I need to make THIS year based on how many we sold last year.    We are half way there.  They are stacked at attention on trays, waiting to be packaged.   While visions of children dance in their chocolatey heads… that age old question always comes up: “What do you eat first – The Ears or the Tail?”  Inquiring bunnies want to know.

And then.  Last but not Least.  There are.  The 3 layer solid chocolate eggs!  Tucked inside the first layer of white chocolate is a circle of yellow chocolate.  A yoke.  No joke.  A yoke!   Then each egg gets coated with a layer of milk chocolate and then a layer of dark chocolate. Is that enough chocolate for you?  NOPE = we decorate it with more chocolate and then wrap it in foil.   Last year we sold out of these eggs a week before Easter.  This year, we are ready for you.  Hop Hop.


Happy Easter, my friends.